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We proudly use FarmHouse Fresh & Young Living Professional Skin Care Products


Integrative Massage

40mins/$80 60mins/$100 80mins/$120

A blend of different massage techniques and pressures to assist the body with areas of focused healing and relaxation. Great for those who like a combination of Deep Tissue and Swedish


Deep Tissue & Advanced Bodywork

40mins/$85 60mins/$110 80mins/$135

When you need more! This massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. May be combined with specialized techniques to assist in treating both acute and chronic conditions


Swedish/ Relaxation Massage

40mins/$70 60mins/$90 80mins/$110

A light to medium pressured, relaxation massage. A blend of long, fluid strokes to enhance circulation, relieve muscle tension and release daily stress


Two-Gether Massage

60mins/$220+ 80mins/$260+

Relax & Reunite with a loved one. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of your massages side by side in our couples room. Warm mineral soaked compresses included on back and neck for that extra Ahhhhhh!


Maternity Massage

40mins/$80 60mins/$100

A nurturing massage for the expectant mother. Customized to focus on areas of discomfort yet offer a relaxing escape


The Essential

60mins/$130 80mins/$160

This Integrative Massage infuses Young Living* therapeutic essential oils, which are gently applied to the spine then layered with warm compresses. Don’t miss this aromatic massage to help boost immunity and melt away stress and fatigue.


The Bella Body Elixir

60mins/$130 80mins/$160

Hydrate dry skin & soothe tired muscles. A sublime massage experience infused with a warmed FarmHouse Fresh* Shea butter balm  and aromatic compresses to deepen relaxation and seal in moisture


Pressed To Impress *coming soon 12/15/2018

60mins/$130 80mins/$160

This rejuvenating massage is jam packed with vitamins, minerals & antioxidants. Agave Nectar Body Oil & Organic Herbal Presses are used to tap, rock & glide tension from the body


Healing Hot Stone

60mins/$130 80mins/$160

Indulge in deep warmth and relaxation. Smooth, heated basalt stones are heated to perfection, then used as a powerful aid in relieving muscle soreness and tension


 The Heaven & Earth

80mins/$170 100mins/$190

Smooth, heated basalt stones, warmed FarmHouse Fresh* Shea butter balm and Young Living* essential oils, all unite into one amazing massage! Soar to the heavens as fatigue and tension melt away.  Then drift back to earth as the body, mind & spirit become more centered & balanced


Soothe My "Sole"


A fabulous foot massage combining reflexology, Young Living* essential oils & warm mineral soaked compresses to promote deeper healing and relaxation. Your feet will thank you for this one!


 Sacred Mountain

40mins/$80 60mins/$100

Balance & open the energies of the body through a light touch therapy. A very gentle method of detecting & correcting imbalances. May promote better health & vitality and resistance to "dis-ease". Please mention when booking if you have a preference of either CranioSacral Therapy or Reiki.



We proudly use Katari, Coola & FarmHouse Fresh Professional Skin Care Products


Power Pudding


Age Renewal Facial


All Is Bright


Tightening & Brightening Facial *not for sensitive skin


Botanical Bliss


Healing & Hydrating Facial


Heirloom Earth


Vegetative & Calming Facial


Mountain Man


Coffee, Mud & More Facial *not for sensitive skin




Teen Porefection Facial


Radiant Express


Power Facial *not for sensitive skin



*Customize any spa treatment by adding one or more of the following

Deep Tissue $5

Aromatherapy $10 *we proudly use Young Living


Little Somethin’ Extras

*These may be booked in addition to any 30 minute or longer massage or facial. We proudly use FarmHouse Fresh!


Sinus Soother


Mineral Soaked Compress + Acupressure Facial Massage. Helps to relieve pressure & congestion


Hair’s To You


Warm Agave Oil hair + scalp treatment


Sweet Sugar Lips


Seasonal cane sugar lip polish + hydrating balm


To the Moon & Back


Muscadine Moonshine Scrub on back + Moon Dip Body Mousse


Melt Down Mini Massage


Melted down & drizzled seasonal balm + shoulder & neck massage


Boozie Bourbon & Moonshine Foot Cocoon


Muscadine Moonshine Scrub + Vanilla Bourbon Body Oil


Chocolate Fig Fondant Hand Cocoon


Organic Big Bare Scrub + Chocolate Fig Serum


Honey Hand & Foot Refresher


Sunflower Honey Butter hand & foot massage + Honey Glaze steaming wrap